Looking for a performance that promotes reading and is also tons of fun? Look no further than 'Randy's 2023 Summer Library show:

Welcome to My Band

Do you like to sing and dance? Do you like to stomp your feet and clap your hands?  Welcome to my Band!   Can you roar like a lion and yet sqeek as quiet as a library mouse? Welcome to my Band!  Can you help me sing songs about kindness, friendship and working together?  Welcome to my Band!   Would you like to join a conga line around the room or in the park as we rock out  to a song about the joy of reading books?  Welcome to my Band!  Would you like 45 minutes of interactive musical fun?  Then Welcome to my Band!  It's going to be a sing-along, laugh-along, clap-along concert, and EVERYONE is  invited!


Length of program: 45 minutes

Travel range: Unlimited

Cost: for live shows Anywhere in Wisconsin-$325 for a live show (mileage is included, but if more than 150 miles from Green Bay I'd like to book a couple shows in the same genral area on that day). Beyond Wisconsin mileage will be added.  Reduced rates for multiple shows in an area.  Up to three shows per day can be done. 

Cost for Virtual Shows:  Virtual shows can be live or presented as a video you can keep on your website all summer long.  $250

For bookings or information contact randy by email at  randypeterson100@gmail.com  or by telephone at 920 469-9710.


You had the highest rating of the performers I hired summer of 2019. 100% of the libraries said they would invite you back.”

— 2019 Bridges Library System Program Coordinator