'Tails and Tales' Randy's 2021 Summer Library Show

*Randy is set to do his show live or virtually, and that can be decided at any time prior to the performance.

If there is one ongoing theme throughout Randy Peterson's career, it is animals and nature. His  musical journey began years ago with children's shows at the Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay,  for which he composed interactive animal songs that are  as fun as they are educational. Some of Randy's most popular songs are animal stories.. Here are some examples:

'The Cat Came Back'  -Randy's sing-along version of this song is a sure-fire audience favorite.

'Listen To the Animals' -Very upbeat, audience participation throughout, with a message of conservation.

'Run Rocky Run' -A heartfelt story song about a young girl who spends a magical afternoon with a wild pony.

'Down By the Bay'  -Randy's version of this classic has children in the audience fill in thier own animal rhymes to add into the song.

'The Chicken Coop Group' -Everybody is up dancing like chickens on this one, a fun story about a rock and roll band of chickens and their barnyard fans.

'Fishin' With Dad' -A story song sung with the help of a puppet fish, it's the story of      Dad, who is a big-time fisherman, and his little boy, who is coming along for the very first time. Guess who catches more fish?

Length of program: 45 minutes

Travel range: Unlimited

Cost: for live shows Anywhere in Wisconsin-$325 for a live show (mileage is included). Beyond Wisconsin mileage will be added.  Reduced rates for multiple shows in an area.  Up to three shows per day can be done. 

Cost for Virtual Shows:  Virtual shows can be live or presented as a video you can keep on your website all summer long.  $250

For bookings or information contact randy by email at  randypeterson100@gmail.com  or by telephone at 920 469-9710.


You had the highest rating of the performers I hired summer of 2019. 100% of the libraries said they would invite you back.”

— 2019 Bridges Library System Program Coordinator