That's What I Like To Do

Randy Peterson

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Fun songs for kids that are singable and fun to dance to. Kids will want to listen to these songs again and again! If your kids like bugs, trains, pets, fireworks, and getting their wiggles out, they will LOVE this CD!

I'm Randy Peterson, and for the past twenty five years I have had a very exciting job. I am a children's musician.

Ever since I was a kid growing up on a farm in Wisconsin, I wanted to sing on a stage. I learned to play the guitar like most of my favorite singers did. I sang, but only to myself. Eventually I got brave enough to sing for other people. In high school I started a rock band with friends. In college I played in clubs and coffeehouses, I even played in Las Vegas lounges for a while! None of it seemed right for me.

One amazing day, I got a call from the Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Center in Green Bay. They knew I played guitar, and asked if I'd be interested in singing to some kids for a half an hour. I said yes, then immediately began to panic. I didn't know any children's songs! Over the next month I did research, practiced, and put together my first concert for a young audience. On the day of that performance I found a new direction in my life, and one that had never felt more right.

Now, twenty five years later, I am enjoying an amazing career. I've traveled the country, recorded six albums, picked up some national awards and a bunch of local ones, visited countless schools and written hundreds of children's songs. The best part is I've met so many great people and fans of my music.

This website is for those who want to find out where I am performing next or to see what's new in my world. It is also for anyone looking into the music and programs I provide for the very first time.

Thanks for listening!

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