School and Library Shows by Randy Peterson

"Music, movement and a message...what more could you want? Randy Peterson's child centered performances are perfect for young readers. I highly recommend Randy for school literacy or family involvement events, and mostly just for FUN! You won't be disappointed!" -Nancy Motkowski, Literacy Quality Assurance Specialist, Park Elementary School, Marinette, WI 2/18

My school shows can be tailored to fit many themes, but those I do most often are about reading or good behavior. Here are descriptions of each:



This highly interactive musical program will inspire your students to do and be their best. Song titles include "Our Behavior Will Shine", "We Gotta Show Respect", "Self Control, That's The Way To Go", and "Voice Levels".  Songs are tailored to include your own school's name.  All of them include the audience.  Perfect for PBIS, CHAMPS, or any occasion when you'd like an uplifting show that promotes positive behavior.  Length: 45-60 minutes.

(An option for this show is that at no extra charge, a sound file or CD of several customized songs can be sent to your school ahead of time so the students can hear them, sing along during the concert, and then be kept and used after Randy is gone. It's not necessary, but it can really create a powerful experience during the actual show.) 


Student's will feel like reading rock stars. As the title suggests, this show ROCKS. Every song and story included in this show involves the audience, and all of it, beginning to end, is about the joys and benefits of reading. Length: 45-60 minutes


The most fun students will ever have learning about space! This program takes the form of a story, our story as we all blast off in a spaceship to the stars. Along the way we will be singing the 'Mars Macarena' and dancing to the 'Pluto Polka', but we will also be learning, with the help of large colorful models of planets and Randy's spectacular lighted spaceship. Underlying themes are reading and the joy of learning.



If just plain fun is what you are looking for, this would be the show. A fast moving mix of music and stories that is geared for the kids, but which all ages will enjoy. I like to call these my 'clap-along, laugh-along, sing-along shows'.  Length 30-60 minutes

--------MUSICAL STORIES---------

Written originally for the summer reading programs at public libraries, these are mini-musicals. Stories told in verse, with songs and audience participation throughout. Here is a description of each:



 1. A SYMPHONY OF SCIENCE (Perfect for Earth Day Celebrations!)


Told in verse and punctuated by catchy songs that carry the story forward, A Symphony of Science is the story of a boy who with the help of an amazing book, discovers the amazing world of science and nature that is all around him every day.

This program promotes an appreciation of nature and science as well as the joy of reading a great book!

Science topics introduced include: Plants and animals, astronomy, insects, paleontology(dinosaurs), and geology





 (45-60 minutes long.  This story is most suitable for 4K through 3rd grade.) 

Henry is this young pirate's name, and seeking treasure is his game. Though it's riches that he seeks, what he finds is more unique! This treasure chest is full of books, and as he stops to take a look, the greatest treasure, we will find, are wonderful stories for growing minds!   

This enchanting story is told, or more accurately, 'acted out' as poetry. With plenty of audience participation and music, it is perfect for any reading kick-off or book fair event.



My Artist in Residence program involves students in a combination of creative writing and musical performance.  For a complete description of my residency, go to  ARTIST IN RESIDENCE 


I create a new show every year to fit the summer library theme. Many of the programs for schools described above were originally created for summer library themes.  All of my shows are highly interactive sing-alongs filled with motion and movement. All are created to inspire reading and to promote our libraries!



This residency is usually shorter in length, usually one to three days.  The goal is to create a concert performance to be given for the school and/or parents.  It is made up of songs I have written that work especially well when performed by groups.

The concert can showcase a choir, a grade, or the entire school!

For this residency, the school's music teacher is often involved in the advance preparation. I send music and recordings of songs for the students to learn before my arrival.  When I arrive it is all fine tuned and filled out with costumes, motions and other "show-biz" touches.



For prices contact me at or call me at 920 469-9710